Elżbieta Kowalska is a media theorist with background in visual communication and interaction design. She has finished BA in Printmaking and in Visual Communication at the Art University in Poznań, then MA in Interactive Media and Performance at Institute of Theater and New Media at Adam Mickiewicz University. Currently as PhD candidate at Institute of Theater and New Media at Adam Mickiewicz University, she is developing her research together with HAT Research Center. Elżbieta has over 8 years of experience in visual art projects, commissions and strategies for institutional and commercial use, using various traditional and digital techniques. Furthermore, she explores creative coding implemented into art installations, websites and games.

Building on experience gained on interdisciplinary projects, Elżbieta focuses her work on critical engagement with distribution of knowledge through mapping. Her goal is to explore new methods of creating spatial representations that are lead by spatial and mobility turn. These embodied and cognitive maps, radical cartography and new media poetics in contemporary art and science influences her writing and projects.

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New Message
,,A great adventure lies ahead! Through a cosmic dialogue there will be the telling of a tale which has likely never before been told on such a massive scale: the story of us. We dared to invite anyone who felt they can speak for themselves. We are not represented, we ourselves represent. It is the creation of a modern greeting aimed towards another civilization in unknown regions of the universe. We’ve sent thousands of invitations to people around the world to join our open call. From them we collected numerous images, sounds, videos, and movements that will be sent to Others out there, in space."

New Message is an art project, that aimed at exploring the question — what would we tell another civilisation from the outer space, if we could send them a message? The collected images, videos and sounds were used to tell a story about who we are and where we come from. The project was inspired by Lem’s science fiction novels, satellite Voyager’s message carried on a gold-plated copper disk and various myths and facts about extra- and infra-terrestrial intelligence. The project resulted in a one-year collaboration on an interactive scenography object, that incorporated sensors, beamers, resulting in water reflections within a darkened exhibition space on the installation’s topic on communication between human and non-human beings.

The project was produced by The Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute as part of the main program of the Prague Quadrennial 2019. Project was also exhibited during the WRO 2019 Media Art Biennale.

Send us your message: ​ www.new-message.pl

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Field Remediations: Salvage
Together with PhD students at Institute of Theater and New Media, Elżbieta participated in Karolina’s Sobecka art intervention Field Remediations: Salvage, during international conference Development and Climate Days in Chorzów, as a part of COP24, 2020 in Katowice, Poland. Remediations: Salvage is a set of activities, field visits and mediations on the topic of what comes after consumption, the aftermath of the consumed ecosystems, and ‘waste’ as an object of governance, control and mediation. The outcomes populated a collection of Field Remediations Library. The created visual strategy, exhibition catalogue and presented object were preceded by a half year long cooperation between an interdisciplinary team that used art as a research method during the process.

Find out more about this project: ​ www.remediationfield.tumblr.com

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Manchester Attact Memorial
,,On the night of 22 May 2017 the music stopped and the lights went out. It was minutes later, though, that darkness and emptiness unravelled. Darkness that was not set to last. A shaken city soon broke into a spontaneous song which only grew louder and louder with time. A distant outcry somewhere in the crowd put it simply: there is light and it never goes out. That day music and light ceased to be ephemeral and instead became material."

Project for the contest for Manchester Attack Memorial Design, held by Manchester City Council, set as its main aim to celebrate the 22 lives lived while also serving as a reminder of the resilience, solidarity and bravery of the thousands affected. To address this duality Logan and Wilcox together with team of designers with multidisciplinary background operating in the fields of visual arts and the built environment proposed a light sculpture as the focal point for the sensory space build to encourage reflection on transcendence. Carved into the landscape and sheltered from external factors this space calls for peace and contemplation.

The main aim for the proposed memorial is to provide a space for peace and contemplation. Its site, however, is set within the context of the bustling Manchester city centre. Carved into the landscape and sheltered from external factors this space calls for peace and contemplation.

The 22 individual threads are arranged radially within a circular space. Accessible from three sides, this space has no front or back, representing the openness and tolerance of the local community, welcoming all. The threads gather towards the centre of the space, rising up to create an inhabitable volume approximately 4.5 metres in diameter. The focal point of this central space is a circular pool of light that illuminates its interior with a warm diffuse glow.

The garden landscape surrounding the space welcomes visitors to enter, inviting them to experience the memorial. The warm diffuse light that illuminates the threads as they rise together encourages visitors to gather within the communal central space.